North American digital businesses are increasingly using green data centers to help their companies save money and reduce the environmental impact of their data centers. Green data centers use renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and geothermal heating.

These energy sources have become more cost-effective for businesses over time. Green data centers also use server technology that is more energy-efficient than conventional servers.

Green Data Center Benefits for North American Digital Business

With recent technological advancements and the rise in popularity of cloud-based business systems, many of North America’s digital businesses are turning to green data centers to power their needs.

This is a shift from past practices that used traditional onsite data centers. Although many companies are still determining the benefits of a green data center, they are quickly becoming the norm.

Here are some of the top reasons why North America’s digital businesses should consider building or utilizing a green data center:
  1. The server requirements for a green data center are often less than those of an onsite one. This means you can use fewer servers to achieve your desired results—fewer servers means less energy consumption.
  2. Green data centers have the ability to save space by using the most up-to-date technology available; this is accomplished by using virtualization software and saving space in the actual physical server room itself.
  3. Many green data centers handle all types of functions, which means you can coordinate everything through one provider—this also makes it easier for you to rely on one provider for support if needed.
  4. Green data centers also build their facilities around sustainable materials, which means less waste will be produced during construction and demolition, reducing long-term costs like maintenance.

Green data centers can save energy in many different ways. For instance, by using air-side economization, they can reduce their need for non-renewable energy and thus their carbon footprint.

They also use high-performance computers that have been built to consume less power. There are many other ways green data centers can be configured to reduce their environmental impact – they’re sometimes the norm.

Green data centers are more secure than traditional options because fewer people have access to them. They’re also more likely to undergo security audits and have better fire suppression systems, making them safer places to store your information. As

well as being more secure and environmentally friendly, green data centers offer better uptime because they use less energy, making them easier to maintain and keeping your information safe from disruption.

Efficiency and Environmental Impact Challenges

As the world becomes increasingly digital, the demand for more computing power continues to grow, indicating that the energy consumed by data centers will also increase. This has led organizations to implement greener practices in their data center operations.

Green data centers aim to solve these problems by decreasing power consumption and working toward carbon neutrality. They aim to do so by reducing energy use through clean technologies (such as LED lights). It also using alternative energy sources such as solar power, and implementing technologies that support virtualization (reducing hardware needs).

These three factors will allow businesses to provide their users with faster connections and more reliable services while reducing their environmental footprint.

To use a green data center, one should follow below steps:

  • Use renewable energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable or cleaner energy.
  • Use energy-efficient equipment like HVAC systems and fire suppression systems.
  • Use recycled products in the construction of the facility.
  • Use natural lighting to light up the facility.
  • Use non-toxic materials to build the facility.

Though it’s easy to take the modern conveniences of electricity and the Internet for granted, much planning and engineering go into providing us with reliable electricity despite the weather.

It’s not enough to build a power plant that burns fuel to generate steam that turns turbines and generates electricity; the whole operation needs to be protected from the elements.

The power plant needs protection from high winds, harsh winters, fires, earthquakes, and floods. The power lines must be strong enough to withstand strong winds without snapping and causing blackouts.

There is a Better Option for North American Digital Business

Currently, the cost of electricity in the United States is 13.45 cents per kWh, while in countries with rich energy sources, such as Indonesia, it is only 9.3 cents per kWh. This means that if North U.S. Digital Business used a data center in Indonesia, they could reduce their data center costs by 30%.

There are several green data centers in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Most data centers in Jakarta already have Tier III and Tier IV certifications from the Uptime Institute. Meanwhile, data centers and cloud professionals in Jakarta are also growing.

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It would be even better if North U.S. digital businesses started investing in a green data center in Jakarta. The prospect of a green data center business in Indonesia continues to grow, attracting much interest from prominent investors. Several big players, such as Google, AWS, and Azure, have arrived in Jakarta.

Unlike Singapore, which has many limitations regarding data centers, Indonesia still has much space and is rich in energy resources such as LNG, which can reduce carbon emissions by 50%.

In addition, geothermal and nuclear power plants will also become available in Indonesia in 2023. Investing in Indonesia’s data center business, we can take the North U.S. digital business game one step further.


The North American digital business market is currently experiencing a shift from cloud computing to cloud storage. With the introduction of a green data center, the demand for green solutions is expected to grow significantly.

Green Data Center is a must-have when any company wants to keep its offices up-to-date with the latest I.T. technologies, such as virtualization and cloud technologies, to reduce power consumption and decrease their carbon footprint.

Although green data centers based on renewable energy are still in the minority, they’ve begun demonstrating that a business can be profitable and sustainable.

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