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North American Digital Business is Using Green Data Center

North American digital businesses are increasingly using green data centers to help their companies save money and reduce the environmental impact of their data centers. Green data centers use...

The Average Cost of Data Center Downtime in 2021 – 2022

Data center downtime is a nightmare for C-Levels. When a data center experiences downtime, all enterprise applications become unusable, leading to severe losses such as loss of potential revenue,...

Green Data Center in Indonesia has Tremendous Prospect

Green Data Center in Indonesia has tremendous prospects. The green data center (GDC) construction has shown investors and business people that the world's future is green technology. This article...
European Data Center Starts To Be Greener From Now

European Data Center Starts To Be Greener From Now

Over the last couple of years, we've seen a lot of news about European data centers. Some of it has been good and some not so good. But there's one thing that's been clear: we need to make a change. Data centers consume a lot of energy, and water, and create waste;...

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We operate a net-zero green data center in Indonesia. This means we produce as much renewable energy as we consume. We’ve even integrated with the local grid to sell peak capacity back to the local utility—so you can feel good about your contribution.

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